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NAST Recognition

The Academy recognizes and provides incentives to Filipino scientists for outstanding achievements in scientific research and development. NAST PHL, through its Recognition function, has contributed significantly to promoting and fostering excellence in science and technology research in the country.
National Scientist Rank And Title
The conferment of the Order of National Scientist by the President of the Republic of the Philippines is the highest honor given to a Filipino man or woman of science. Nominees should receive 60 percent of the total votes of the full membership of the Academy before being recommended to the President of the country for the honor. The award was created pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1003-A on December 16, 1976. Since 1978, 43 Filipinos, 11 of whom are living, have been conferred as National Scientist.
Membership to the Academy
Academicians and Corresponding Members
Membership to the Academy is by peer recognition and carries with it the title of “Academician”. Elected as Academicians are resident Filipino scientists who have made exemplary contributions to science and technology and have advanced its cause in the Philippines.
Corresponding membership, on the other hand, is conferred on nonresident Filipino scientists who have made exemplary contributions to the advancement of science and technology and must have continuing connections and contributions to Philippine science. They should regularly come to the Philippines to practice their field of expertise. Filipino citizenship and residency are waived as long as the three qualifications are met.
Honorary Membership
To recognize exceptional outstanding contributions to science and technology, the Academy established the Honorary Membership which may be conferred on recipients of internationally recognized prestigious scientific awards such as the Nobel Prize, the Food Prize, and the like, whose research has contributed to the development of the Philippines and who come to the country to deliver a lecture for the Academy.

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